Best Laptop Bags in India 2018

The first way to carry your laptop is a laptop bag. It will distribute the weight of the laptop evenly to keep you comfortable. With a laptop bag, you can carry your laptop, the charger, other necessary documents and everything if you need. They ensure that the user is remaining relaxed when carrying the bag for a long time and happy when you carry it. It also protects the laptop from rain, water, heat, etc. However, if you need the best laptop bag with an affordable price, just go through the whole article. Here you will find 10 best laptop bags in India.


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F Gear Luxur

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ASUS 17-inch

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Top 10 Best Laptop Bags in India

1. Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack

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Ghost is the best-selling laptop in India that is elegant, minimalistic and designed with special care to secure your stuffs. Made of water-resistant polyester and an outer shell reinforced with fiber sheet to prevent theft and pick-pocketing, this back pack has a 6-point stretchable mechanism to secure laptops up to 15-inch size. The bag is highly functional and has ample storage space that is organized well enough so that you can easily access chargers, mouse, portable speaker, hard drive, cell phone, notebooks etc. The straps have easy access pockets for you to quickly access anything you need to go and the zippers are super-smooth and highly durable too. The bag is ergonomically designed to balance weight equally on two shoulders. Overall, be it an executive, biker or a frequent traveller, Ghost is definitely one of the best laptop backpacks available in India. 


  • Lightweight design.
  • Polyester, synthetic and nylon construction for longevity.
  • Water resistant to use in all seasons.
  • Padded straps evenly distribute the weight.
  • 1- year limited warranty is available from the manufacturer.

2. AmazonBasics 15.6-inch Laptop and Tablet Bag


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Within an affordable price, this one has the maximum strength. It is perfect for carrying up to 15.6 inches laptop without any irritation. The main compartment is for the laptop, and the accessory storage pockets for iPod, cell phone, portable mouse, and pens. You can also carry it with the padded straps when necessary. It is ideal for officials.

Convenient, comfortable and easy to carry, the AmazonBasics Laptop & Tablet Bag is a slim shoulder bag designed protect and transport to your electronics.

The padded interior features a separate interior space to hold you laptop without unnecessary bulk. And the mufti-compartment design holds cables, pens, phones and the other items you need

Internal Dimensions

14.7 x 2.2 x 11.2 inches (LxWxH)

External Dimensions

15.5 x 2.8 x 12 inches (LxWxH)

Model Number NC1305224R1
Item Height 30.5 Centimeters
Item Length 39.4 Centimeters
Item Width 7.1 Centimeters
Item Weight 458 Grams

3.Lenovo B3055 Backpack for 15.6-inch Laptop